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The best way for teams to collaborate on feedback and ship products faster. 🚀
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Collab Sauce - Collaboratively design, collect and act on website feedback | Product Hunt

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Make Design Changes Without Any Code ✨

Convert your ideas into reality without a single line of code. Test new ideas, finalize designs and directly share with your team
Using Collab
Change Colors using our Picker
Use the smart color picker to easily select and apply colors.
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Test Your Ideas Out Visually
Test and see adjustments with a few simple clicks
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CSS Code Auto-Generated
Communicate to developers in a way they understand
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See Changes that others made
With one-click you can see the edits others have made
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Adjust Text Stylings
Manipulate font type, size and more with our in-line tool
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All Tasks Are Added to Dash
All tasks created are reflected 1-1 within the dashboard
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Collaborate Effectively and Efficiently

Keep Everyone on the same page with 1 Source of Truth

With our dashboard there is 1 place where everyone can see the remaining tasks are to push your project live
Developer Handoff Automation

Give Developers Context to Squash Bugs and Edits Fast

Developers automatically get the data they need to resolve tickets quickly. Feedback, CSS code, screenshots, browser OS, OS, and more is sent directly to the task managment board
Collaboration Redefined

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Empower yourself and your team to collaborate effectively on website feedback
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One platform, endless possibilities
Collab Sauce is fast, easy to use and a small learning curve for all stakeholders
  • Dashboard Task Managment
  • Collab Sauce Design Tool
  • Collab Sauce Feedback
  • Collab Code Professional Services
For UI/UX Designers
  • Speed up design QA and add notes directly on website to communicate ideas and feedback to the rest of the team
  • Communicate small design details with no-code editor to get things pixel perfect and share the code automatically in a task card
  • Generate development resources automatically when creating edits. Devs + designers be 🥳
For Developers and Engineers
  • One place for feedback
  • CSS Code for Changes
  • View all the metadata from users who submit tickets - screenshots, OS, screen resolution, etc.
For Product Managment
  • Keep everyone on the same page
  • Quickly invite teammates, organize tasks and get to building
  • Assign team members tasks so everyone knows their responsibilities
For Marketing, Execs & CEOs
  • Empower yourself to show the team exactly what you want
  • Understand what tasks are left to achieve the last mile to get your website live
  • Add notes directly on your website to communicate ideas and feedback to the rest of the team
For Agencies
  • Accelerate client feedback and approvals
  • Empower customers to show you exactly what they want
  • Centralize customer feedback in one place and understand where you stand in the project + what everyone is working on