graphic showing the timeline of a product and where Collab Sauce fits in to that cycle of building a product

Where does Collab Sauce Fit in Your Stack?

We recently had a prospective client reach out to us and ask us what the difference was between collab sauce and Zeplin or Figma.

I explained that Zeplin, Figma, and Collab Sauce live at different stages of the product development lifecycle, but it dawned on me that Collab Sauce lives in a completely new category and stage that previously didn’t really exist - everything previously lived on Slack, email, etc.


So I thought it might make sense to lay it out visually for this prospective client. The header image above is the result of where Collab Sauce fits into the product development lifecycle


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If you or your team has a special request to make sure Collab Sauce fits in with your existing workflow, let me know: 


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