Product Update: Text-Edits

I’m excited to announce a new feature to the Collab Sauce product suite - text edits!

The short of it: You can now suggest text edits on website copy and view them directly on your site.

collaboration change text on live website collab sauce integration

How It Went Down:

I jumped on a Zoom call with one of our early customers, Nicko, because he reported a bug. Once I fixed the issue he was facing, he mentioned he was having translation issues with his foreign teams.

I thought, why not adapt the toolset we have to solve his problem right now? So I did it, and now we have “Text Edits”.

How it works:

  1. Press the Collab Sauce button

  2. Press the “+” button

  3. Go to the “Text Copy” section

  4. Enter in your new suggested text

  5. Click Submit

  6. You have a new ticket! 🚀

Use Case - Translation Issues with Foreign Engineering Teams

One interesting use-case is translation issues. If you are working with a foreign engineering team, it’s very possible that the language you speak isn’t their native language. The copy on the website that those engineers implement might not sound natural in your native language.

Use Case - Marketing Team Requests Text Copy Changes

The Head of Marketing want to change a bunch of text, but wants to see what it will look like before the change. Now with the text-editing feature, it's easy for the marketer to play with different text copy without needing to write any code.

Use Case - Designer/Product-Manager Text Overflow

Is the text too long and doesn't match the design? Does it it break formatting with the rest of the page? The Designer or Product Manager can now change text to change it's length to make sure the page looks as expected.

We’ve gotten a ton of feedback over the last few weeks, and want to thank you. If you want to book a demo, get help installing, or have a feature request, you can schedule a Zoom call with me here.

More updates to come soon!