Visual QA Workflow

One compelling use of our product that we’ve seen has been through the visual QA workflow. We thought it was really interesting, so we wanted to highlight it here. Let’s walkthrough the workflow.

QA sees that the page doesn’t look like it’s supposed to, and goes through and leaves comments with the design suggestions. Let’s say QA leaves two tasks/suggestions.

Suggestion 1 - “Make this green with more margin”:

collab sauce live design change

Suggestion 2 - “Change text to the following”:

collab sauce live text change

Now, when viewing these tasks (before engineering has addressed them), QA should be able to see the difference between the actual result (what is currently on the page) and the expected result (the “Design Edits” and “Text Copy” changes that QA just made):

collab sauce qa actual vs expected result

Jump to the future - engineering has addressed these tasks, has moved them to the “In Review” column, and has deployed to QA/Staging environment. QA can go view these tasks, apply the design edits and text copy changes through the Collab Sauce widget. If there are no visual changes after clicking “View Design Edits” or “View Text Changes”, then QA can have certainty the engineering has in fact addressed those tasks. QA can move those tickets to “Done”.

collab sauce good qa

Boom! Super fast and easy visual qa workflow using Collab Sauce.