graphic showing the timeline of a product and where Collab Sauce fits in to that cycle of building a product

Collab Sauce vs Zeplin

We recently had a prospective client reach out to us and ask us what the difference was between collab sauce and Zeplin.


I initially went into the details that Zeplin is a handoff tool for designers to developers and while Collab Sauce lives in this space, we really live at a different stage in the production process of a software product. Specifically, Zeplin is a great tool for designers to upload their designs and for developers and team members to comment. 


What happens when developers implement what is in the zeplin file on to a staging website and you want a design or copy edit because now you are seeing the website design come to life for the first time ever? Well, Zeplin is no longer in the mix…


That’s where Collab Sauce comes in. Simply put, Collab Sauce allows you to comment directly on a live website - similar to the Zeplin commenting system.


If that doesn’t make a ton of sense, I didn’t think so either. So, I thought it might make sense to lay it out visually for this prospective client. The header image above is the result of where Collab Sauce fits into the product development lifecycle.


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